Safety Products Packaging Print

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Safety Products Packaging Print.

The safety industry relies on boldness, clarity and simplicity. Unlike some other industries, it is not particularly concerned with abstract art or unusual approaches to design. Instead, the focus is on presenting a message in a way that is as clear and easy to understand as possible, while also being as prominent as possible. Things like exit signs, health and safety posters and warning labels all need to be so well designed their message is unmissable. This is where Ultragraphs experienced team can help.


Posters and Signs

For workplaces, schools and community centres, clearly displayed safety information is a legal requirement. Ultragraph can ensure that any indoor or outdoor signage that you display is as clear as possible. We print on all sizes and quality of paper or card so whether you need short term, temporary posters or high quality, laminated print products that are built to last, we can provide a solution for you.


Information Leaflets and Pamphlets

For public transport operators, private hire vehicles, offices and businesses, leaflets containing details of any health and safety information are essential. We produce print products of every type and can create clear, easy to understand leaflets that will inform your customers or clients of any pertinent health and safety info they need to be aware of.


Equipment and Uniform Packaging

Hard hats, work boots, overalls and protective clothing all need to be packaged effectively. Clarity, simplicity and an emphasis on the quality of the manufacturing process are usually elements that are found in this style of packaging. Ultragraph can ensure that all equipment and uniform packaging looks professional to your prospective customers. In this industry, there’s no room for error as customers expect exacting standards of clarity and a presentation style that is robust, attention grabbing and relevant to the stylistic conventions of their own sector.


Warning Labels for Products

Unlike food packaging or retail advertising, warning labels have a very specific set of design characteristics. Ultragraph’s team understand when to use creative flair and when to focus on making a message as easy to digest as possible. Any warning labels for products that we create will ensure that you communicate any and all safety information with new and existing customers.


Packaging for Safety Equipment

Safety equipment such as harnesses, netting and pads can be packaged in cardboard boxes of various sizes and thickness. The design style is usually defined by clarity and simplicity, rather than anything too abstract or unusual. High quality images and clear, easy to read text are generally prominent features with this kind of product. As safety equipment must meet exacting legal standards, registered logos and accreditation information is usually clearly displayed, along with an image of the product itself.

Safety products often require simple but effective designed, coupled with robust and durable packaging. Ultragraph can provide a range of options for small, medium sized and large manufacturers of safety equipment.