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Health Supplements packaging, print and design experts in the UK

Packaging, Design and Print for Health Supplements

Health supplements are part and parcel of everyday life for a growing number of people. From vitamin tablets to complementary medicine, there are more choices than ever when it comes to the ways we can look after our health. At Ultragraph, we understand how important professional quality packaging and design can be in this industry.

We can provide single packages, multi packs, gift sets and more. Using high quality card and paper to create our products means that your brand will always be presented professionally.



Clarity and clean design are generally the preferred stylistic conventions when it comes to packaging for vitamins. It’s also essential to make sure any key information such as ingredients and recommended dosage is clearly displayed. The health industry is heavily regulated and Ultragraph understand how to create packaging that displays all of your key info as clearly as possible.


Alternative Therapies

Many people like to use medicines that are based on holistic therapies and cardboard packaging for this industry can feature graphics, photographs, logos and creative lettering. Potential health benefits and the origins of the product are also prominent features that can play a key role in effecting a customer’s decision to make a purchase. Our designers research every industry they work in to ensure we can offer you a varied selection of design and packaging options to suit your needs.


Protein Bars

Health and fitness are becoming more important to many people and supplementing meals with protein bars is common practice for athletes as well as everyday people. Like confectionary packaging, health food and dietary supplements usually focus on the taste and nutritional content of the product. Our design team understand how to display all the information customers look for in a way that is both appealing and informative. We can print cardboard boxes for multi packs of protein bars as well as paper wrappings and packages for organic products.


Essential oils

From aromatherapy to the newly emerging CBD industry, oil-based products have been used for generations. Ultragraph can print paper labels, information leaflets and cardboard packaging for large and small batches of essential oils. Graphics and high-quality photographs are often accompanied by logos and simple text for an understated effect. As this industry is no longer allowed to make direct claims, the tone and style of your labels needs to be presented in the right way.