Working in the Food and Drink Sector

Food and Drink packaging, print and design experts in the UK

Food and Drink

The food and drink industry rely heavily on branding and design. Packaging and cartons are created to stand out, whether on the shelves or in an online store. Ultragraph can create quality packaging for practically any style of food and drink products.

Working to your exact specifications, create professional quality print products including labels, wrappings, film and cardboard trays, any size of box and any thickness of paper packaging. We ensure that we use only the finest quality inks and materials so that every project we complete is of the highest possible standard.

Though the quality of the product is always essential, the way it is presented is arguably equally important. When shoppers make a purchase, they often make last minute decisions based on small details. Low definition images, text that is difficult to read and unappealing design can all act as a significant deterrent. As one of the most well established industries in the UK, the standard of packaging design and construction is very high. Consumers have come to expect attractive graphics and art work, clear and informative information and layouts that make an impact as soon as they’re seen.


Ready Meal Packaging

The ever-popular ready meal is sold on the strength of the design and quality of the cardboard sleeve that covers the plastic tray. High quality images, easy to read lettering and clear calorie and nutritional information are just some of the common elements manufacturers need to include. Having worked with a range of professionals in this industry, Ultragraph understand the trends and styles that work.

Labels for Cans, Bottles and Cartons

Canned goods are a staple part of most people’s shopping list. Customers choose the products they buy based on the quality of the labels they see. Ultragraph can advise on how to present your product in a way that is attractive to potential buyers. We also take care of the printing process from start to finish. From cardboard cartons to labels for glass bottles, we can provide a range of options that are suitable for manufacturers in the food and drink industry.

Dry Food Packaging

Rice, pasta, lentils and other dry foods are generally stored in plastic or paper packaging. Ultragraph can print bags, sacks, cartons, boxes and more. We can print full colour, high quality images or create something simplistic and minimal, depending on the type of product you are working with.

Carrier Bags

We can print your logo or design on to both cardboard and plastic bags.

We can provide an end to end service that includes consultation, design and construction of your packaging, offering advice and guidance along the way. Having worked with a range of well established businesses across the country, we understand how to make packaging that leaves a lasting impression. If you have an inhouse design team, we can also use your specifications to construct a product that matches your exact requirements. This flexible approach means that Ultragraph can offer print and design solutions for everybody.