Electrical Products Packaging Print

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Electrical Products Packaging Print.

Electrical appliances are part and parcel of everyday life and the packages they are presented in can make a difference to the consumer. As the design and written information on the packaging is the last thing a customer sees before finally interacting with their new product, it is absolutely essential to create the right impression. Ultragraph understand how important quality and clarity are when it comes to boxes for electrical goods and can advise you on how to showcase all of your products best features in a concise and effective way.


Music and Entertainment

From Bluetooth speakers to wireless dongles, the range of electronic equipment that we use for entertainment has expanded rapidly in recent years. Cardboard packaging for electrical goods should reflect the quality of the product inside. Many manufacturers opt for a sleek, simple and stylish approach to presenting their product’s best features. Ultragraph can ensure that your packaging showcases your goods in the best possible way.


Kitchen Equipment

Packing for kitchen equipment such as blenders, kettles and juicers tends to be sleek, modern and simple. Ultragraph can advise you on the current trends in your industry and how to stand out amongst the competition. We also ensure that all technical information, instructions and essential safety information are included clearly. We can produce boxes and packaging for practically any kitchen appliance.


Tools and D.I.Y

Packaging for D.I.Y equipment doesn’t have to be ornate or particularly complex, however, it does need to be as attractive and striking as possible. In this industry, electrical items are sold on their ability to perform well, more than their aesthetics. Ultragraph understand how to present key information about the performance of a product in a way that is clear and persuasive to customers.


Burglar Alarms and Security

Security is a concern for many people and this growing industry has its own set of stylistic values and conventions. Ultragraph have the research skills and experience to provide you with packaging for burglar alarms, sensors and security cameras that matches the high standard of design customers have come to expect.


Home Appliances

Consoles, Televisions, Speakers and Lighting all have their own unique style of packaging design. Most home appliances are presented in sturdy cardboard boxes that include quality images or logos as well as key information about the features of the product. Our team of experts can help you to create packaging that looks appealing to the customer and also demonstrates professionalism to your competitors.

Depending on the style of product your promoting, the thickness and quality of the cardboard packing will vary. For fragile products that need to be wrapped in plastic or foam, thinner, sleeve style covers are often used. For sturdier items, thicker, heavier card is generally a good option. Ultragraph can provide a wide range paper and cardboard packaging to suit any requirement.