Educational Products Packaging Print

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Educational Products Packaging Print.

Working with schools, colleges, universities and training centres, Ultragraph have produced everything from prospectuses to books and stationery. Printed packaging for education needs to promote the quality of the teaching and learning on offer, while also demonstrating professionalism. Our designers understand how to balance aesthetics with clarity to create printed products that convey your message as clearly as possible. We also ensure the quality of the packaging itself is always of a high standard by using only the best quality paper and card to create our products.

There are a range of printed products used in education and ultragraph have the capacity to create practically anything you need. From business cards for home tutors to large runs of indoor or outdoor posters for universities, we create printed packaging and products for practically any purpose.


Printed posters for exam rooms, lecture theatres and classrooms need to be clear, easy to read and durable. Similarly, posters that are designed to inspire and motivate learners should be striking, aesthetically pleasing and impossible to ignore. Our team will discuss your specific needs with you to ensure that your posters communicate your message in the most effective way possible.


The quality of an institutions prospectus speaks volumes and Ultragraph understand how important this is to students and their families. Having printed high quality prospectuses for colleges and training providers across the North West and beyond, Ultragraph have the skills and experience to that present your courses and training programmes positively. We work with high, durable, long lasting paper and card so that the look and feel of your prospectus will always be of the utmost quality.


Schools and colleges need to ensure their branding is consistent across all printed mediums and this includes things like workbooks, diaries and planners. We can produce any style or size of book that includes your institutions logo, slogan and design, whether you need a small run or a larger, bulk order.

Stationary Boxes

Pens and pencils may not be used as often as they used to be in the working world but in schools and colleges, they are still an everyday essential. Ultragraph can print branded cardboard boxes for pens, pencils, rubbers, rulers and any other type of stationary your school or college may need.

Newsletters and Leaflets

Whether you are a private training provider, academy or school, ultragraph can create newsletters and leaflets of all shapes and sizes. Though digital communication may be taking over, clear and well-presented print media is still essential for many educational establishments.

Education has its own specific set of styles and conventions and whether you’re working with younger children in primary schools and nurseries or adult students at university, Ultragraph can produce print products that project your personality and values in the best way possible. Our experience of working with some of the best educational institutions in the North West has allowed us to develop an in depth understanding of the most effective stylistic conventions in the industry.