Cosmetic Products Packaging Print

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Cosmetic Products Packaging Print.

The quality of printed packaging in the cosmetics industry is absolutely paramount and any companies who do not invest the time and energy into their products will be left behind. Consumers expect quality as standard in this sector and ultragraph understand how to present your product in a way that is creative and appealing to your audience. Our team will be happy to discuss your needs and offer you a range of packaging and design options to suit your needs.


Make up

The information included in makeup packaging must be clear, easy to understand while accurately reflecting what the product contains. Design trends in this sector are varied but the standard is always very high. We can print all sizes of carboard boxes for lipsticks, foundations, fillers and more.


Hair Colouring

Hair care product packaging is often sold on the quality of the colours displayed on the box, bottle or container. Ultragraph use professional quality inks and lacquers to ensure a clean, glossy finish that stands out on the shelves. We can create paper labels for bottles, printed cartons for liquids and much more.


Tanning and Moisturising

Tanning and moisturising creams have their own style of design and packaging, usually based around simplistic but clear designs that incorporate high quality photography. Our printed products are always crystal clear so that any images or motifs you want to include will stand out for all the right reasons.



Body sprays and deodorants are everyday items that rely heavily on branded packaging. Cardboard gifts sets that include several different fragrances are still popular around Christmas time and can also make great birthday presents. Ultragraph can print large, medium or small cardboard packaging that includes all key ingredients information as well as your specific brand logo and message.


Soap and Shower Gel

Cardboard packages for soap need to be subtle, simple and clean. Ultragraph have the industry knowledge and research skills to create designs that work for you. Our design and print team know how to present product information and branding in a way that is attractive and informative for customers.


Perfume and Aftershave

Aftershave and perfume is at the luxury end of the makeup and cosmetics industry. Designs are often very subtle, artistic and unusual. Our design team can discuss your requirements with you and present you with a range of options to choose from so that you finished printed product truly reflects the essence of the fragrance you have on offer.

The cosmetics industry is competitive, and consumers don’t respond well to packaging that looks cheap or badly designed. Ultragraph pay attention to the quality of the materials we use as much as the standard of design and text to ensure that the whole package is of a high standard. Whether you’re a small, bespoke producer or a larger company with a need for high volumes of printed packaging products, we can provide everything you need to promote yourself in a way that makes your customers take notice.