E-liquid packing design and printing from Ultragraph

E-liquid packing design and printing from Ultragraph

E-liquid packing design and printing from Ultragraph

E-liquid packaging

There has rarely been a more crowded marketplace than the e-liquid, or vape liquid, market. As millions of people switch from smoking to vaping, the already huge demand for this product is growing all the time. This is fantastic news for you, if you sell e-liquid but, of course, the constant demand also leads to ever more persistent competition. If you’re going to get in the game and stay in the game, you’re going to need to stand out. A key way to distinguish yourself from the competition is, of course, with the packaging you use.

The reasons why e-liquid packaging is so important

E-liquid packaging is all-important for numerous reasons.

Firstly, with so much choice already on the shelves your packaging will need to be eye-catching and informative if it is to find its market.

Secondly, e-liquid packaging must be tough enough to protect the product inside while it is in storage, in transit and in stock. Sub-par packaging could easily lead to a stock loss at any point in the sale process, as the product inside the packaging is invariably stored in glass bottles.

Lastly, there is legislation governing how e-liquid can be sold and packaged. Regulations introduced in 2017 state that refill containers must not exceed 10ml.

Ultragraph can assist you on all fronts. We have been designing and producing tough, eye-catching packaging for a long time now. Our designers, copywriters and printers are on hand to guide you through the process of creating your e-liquid packaging from scratch to shelf.

The Ultragraph service

There are four key stages that we pass through during the design and production of e-liquid packaging. At every stage our focus is on bringing our customer’s vision to life in the most professional and effective way possible. Those stages are:

Scoping and planning – this is where we make plenty of time to hear all about you, your company, your product and your vision for the packaging that you are asking us to create. We take the time at this stage to ensure that we are absolutely on the same page as you and that every subsequent step we take is moving you towards holding a perfect finished product in your hands

Graphic design and copywriting – we have a number of skilled graphic designers on our team, able to create eye-catching designs that will stand out even on the busiest of shelves. Naturally, what your packaging has to say is just as important as the way it looks, so we also have writer’s on hand able to shape your information into the messages you wish to share.

Graphic orientation – graphic orientation is equally as important as graphic design. Having created designs capable of showcasing your product to best advantage, here we use some pretty specialist skills to lay them out optimally for print.

Printing – The exciting bit. As we send your e-liquid packaging to print, you can sit back and look forward to holding it in your hands very soon!

To discuss your project with us, whether it’s e-liquid packaging or any other type of cardboard packaging or point of sale promotional material, please contact us.