Visual Impact Packaging

Product Packaging – To See or Not to See?

The visual impact of product packaging

To see or not to see – the product within the packaging that is. Conundrum or obvious? There are some products that simply would not sell if the product itself were not clearly visible. Good examples here are supermarket steaks, where the steak ‘sells itself’, with the required legal information kept discreet and out of the way. The visual impact of a piece of raw meat is enough in itself to set the taste buds on fire. Other good examples include fruit and veg when pre-packed, highly ergonomic and space aged razors and many toys and novelty goods. The visual impact of these products is so strong (and the requirement for supporting information is minimal) that the products almost sell themselves.

When products need help to sell

The opposite of transparent packaging, or blister packs is the full-blown sales effort that is put into many product packages that need descriptions, specifications and lifestyle suggestions to entice the buyers. Good examples here include home fitness equipment, pre-packed meals and most technology equipment. The products here need help to sell them as, once out of the box and visible it is up to the buyer to get the most out of them.

So a pre-cooked and frozen chicken curry packaging will invariably show a cooked meal in an appropriate situation, cutlery, candles and a lovely table setting. Home fitness equipment will show a fit and healthy gym star using the product, filling the buyers mind with what could be if they buy this product.

Ultragraph packaging and design – get in touch

To answer many of these questions for your specific products, get in touch with Ultragraph. We have designed and created hundreds of packaging designs, both transparent blister packs and complex technology product packaging with essential technical information as the key selling points.

The psychology of selling starts with the appearance of the pack. Get this right first time with Ultragraph and your products will stand the best chance of success amongst your competitors.