Secure Packaging

Secure Product Packaging – Things to Consider

Important elements of product packaging to remember

It is not by accident that egg boxes look like they do. Secure, easy to stack and transport as well as protecting a very delicate product. Genius? Or perhaps many years of trying to find alternatives with a realisation that perhaps egg boxes in their current guise are close to the perfect product packaging that offers secure protection for the contents?

Protection of the product is often an afterthought when clients approach Ultragraph to design product packaging. It is not until we point out that their proposed packaging will not protect the products sufficiently, may not be secure enough or are not suitable for boxing, packing and stacking, be that in warehouses or on shop shelves, that they reconsider their ideas.

Product Security and Ergonomics

When launching a new product into the marketplace, most entrepreneurs consider the product first and foremost, the product package design secondary, and thirdly, if at all, the ergonomics and security that the packaging offers. This means not just the actual protection of the product from drops and transit damage, but also the theft prevention measures that need to be built in to prevent easy access and theft from shops.

Ultragraph has been involved in literally hundreds of product packaging designs and creation of the packaging. It can be quite alarming to clients when we point out these simple issues that they have not considered. We of course put that down to our experience and it is part of why people choose Ultragraph.

So when considering your product packaging, remember the following:

Security of the product within the packaging to prevent theft
Protection of the product from knocks and bangs as well as rough customer handling
Stackability and packability of the packaging – wasted space in transit and storage is wasted money
Ergonomics of the packaging.

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