Dare to Re-Brand Your Product Packaging?

Re-branding of products and packaging is a decision not to be taken without much careful consideration. Re-branding is often thought of as an exercise to increase flagging sales and this can be highly successful, assuming that the product itself still has a competitive edge via performance or price in the market place. But changing product packaging and branding in a hope to increase sales needs to be carefully considered, as other issues may be effecting the sales performance of the product that re-branding or re-packaging may not be able to fix.

Re-branding of products and packaging is often a knee jerk reaction when sales are struggling. Identifying the real underlying causes of this is essential before spending time and resources trying to fix something that may not even be broken. A re-brand is a major undertaking that carries risks. However, the gradual tweaking and development of product packaging can bring measurable results over sustained periods of time that will breathe life gradually into older products.

Or – if it’s not broken then don’t try to fix it.

The converse argument against re-branding and packaging is of course, if it’s not broken then don’t try to fix it. There are strong arguments for this as it can easily confuse customers or even alienate them. Risking established sales without a carefully considered strategy can potentially be very damaging.

Ultragraph has over 45 years of experience in product package design and manufacture. Recognising the effectiveness of strong branding means that we can advise on your current packaging and make suggestions should we think that they be appropriate. Before jumping into any decisions about product package re-branding, get in touch with Ultragraph and let us share our experiences with other clients over many years. We look forward to hearing from you.