Product Packaging Design

Product Packaging – Remember the Design

One of the most important elements of product packaging is, first and foremost to get the product seen amongst the many other competitors products competing for the retail buyers interest. Fighting for that attention can be quite a challenge and, not only must your product packaging stand out amongst its competitors, it must be appropriate to the product inside too.

Consider children’s toys for example. What constitutes good package design for a child’s toy or novelty? Colour and simplicity scream out at children, so eye catching design with appropriate font styles and colours, big and bold will often make a good start in this sector. Cartoon characters and bright colours go a long way here. Children, exactly the same as adults, shop with their eyes first, so make sure that your packaging is standing out.

What you leave out can be as important as what is left on the product design. Technical specifications or ingredients as well as instructions for use can be very important, but not at the expense of the product being able to tell its own story through the design. This can be in imagery, product pictures and bullet points outlining specifications and product advantages. Unique, innovative, fresh, stylish and healthy are examples of key words that spark the buyers imagination and make them pick up the product for further investigation.

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