Product Packaging Design

Product Packaging and Design – The Details to Consider

Most people considering product packaging design will have a number of key elements that they feel they need to integrate into that design. These will of course include technical specifications or ingredients, potentially some instructions for use or consumption, storage and shelf life (the usable life of a product if a fast moving consumable) as well as images and possibly price. All essential information required by a consumer to make an informed decision. However, the subtle nuances in product package design that can make a huge difference to both the attractiveness of the package as well as attracting the customer’s needs to be considered carefully.

Great packaging design tells a story. It should not just be about specifications and prices but also suggest a lifestyle or feelgood factor. But there are other more subtle elements of great product package design that can have a big influence on the buyers purchasing decision. Often without them even realising it.

Packaging Style, Textures and Fonts

Sometimes we all see a design and think – why does that just ‘work’ so well. It is often very hard to identify what is so effective and attractive. It’s actually pretty straight forward though. That is design, style and of course experience. When designing a product package it is too easy to become ‘bogged down’ with some of the basics such as package shape and image placement. But often it is the very small things that make the huge difference. Examples here are font choice, which can have a subtle but huge psychological impact on the buyer, or even textures and subtle colour changes.

Working with specialist product package designers means that these things are automatically taken care of. Graphic design is itself a skill and when applied to packaging it becomes almost an art form. And consider the huge impacts that these subtle skills can have on the sell through rates of your products.

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