Packaging – what to consider

Product Packaging – Learn from Competitors?

When launching a new product and hence considering the packaging design, most people have an idea of what they are looking for. This invariably includes size, shape, colour and style. Consciously or subconsciously this comes from looking at their competitors to see what they are doing. This can be a great starting point of course, and the natural thought process is that of, if it is working for others then it should work for us. There are elements of this strategy that are of course advantageous but it also removes much of the room for packaging originality and creativity.

If it works, why try to fix it?

The prevailing view with product packaging design is that of safety first, over and above anything too radical that may have a negative effect on buyers. This ‘middle of the road’ approach works well and much can be learned from studying competitors packaging styles. However, outright copying is both risking copyright infringements as well as not offering the consumer the opportunity to distinguish clearly between your product and an existing brand.

So just how far should you go in your attempts to either copy or be different? Much of this is down to the nature of your product and where you are pitching it in the market place. If you are aiming to compete with an established brand then you will need to do everything that you possibly can with your packaging to get it seen. Someone considering launching a new brand of baked beans for example may be well advised to steer clear of green and orange branding, for obvious reasons. However, a unique product can be enough to have bold and innovative branding and packaging that creates its own look and feel in the market place.

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