Packaging or Branding

Packaging or Branding?

Just why did you select those last products that you bought? Be that food or toiletries, do you know what you actually selected what you bought amongst the countless other competitors? Our buying decisions are not always as straight forward as we may think, and a visit to the supermarket for some ‘essentials’ may on occasion result in us buying things that we hadn’t intended.

That shampoo for example, why would someone change brands after many years of using the same product? Is it the sleek, classy bottle and elegant packaging that suggests a different lifestyle result from what is effectively, virtually the same product as most of the others on the shelf?

Packaging and branding are difficult to separate. The branding creates the recognisable and familiar look for products and the packaging enhances this branding. When creating a new product, many large companies will create the branding and packaging along-side the product development itself to ensure that the three exist harmoniously and give the product the very best chance of successful sales.

Strong and effective branding helps customers to remain loyal, by being able to easily identify the packaging amongst countless other shelf products. The packaging is the medium that allows the branding to be displayed. The packaging, by nature of colour and style may also be an actual part of the branding itself.

Creating this packaging and branding harmony that most suits and complements a new product is a skill that Ultragraph have perfected over 45 years in business. Having created some stunning product package designs and brands, our experience can help you to establish your own place in the market and give your products a much higher chance of sales success.

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