Luxury Product Packaging

Luxury Product Packaging – Worth the Expense?

Luxury goods are naturally associated with luxury packaging. But is this through expectation, or does that high-quality packaging have an impact on the sales of a product? Perhaps a little of both is true, but at the opposite end of the spectrum, high quality but shoddily packaged products will stand minimal chance of high sales volumes. Customers have certain expectations that need to be met when spending money on higher quality products.

Branded high quality products are usually associated with high quality packaging, even extending to branded quality carrier bags that really make a statement when walking down the high street. Consider jewellery and watches in particular. Expensive, high quality watch brands take great care over their packaging. A quality watch may well be presented in a leather case, placed within a high-quality branded box that is, in turn protected in a quality dust sleeve or outer packaging. Why is this? A huge part is expectation and customer experience. The watch within is the goal and the reward, but all of the ancillary packaging is a part of the experience of ownership.

High End Products Deserve Quality Packaging

Think also of the highest quality hand made chocolates. Often consumed relatively quickly and, when actual cost per taste is calculated these can be ferociously expensive. Here the product packaging is a key element of the entire experience and is almost a justification for the relatively high cost of ‘what’s in the box’.

Branding and luxury packaging are a key element to many products success and the cost should be considered carefully, balancing against expectation. Ultragraph has over 45 years of product packaging experience and will be delighted to help and advise with any product package and design related enquiry. Get in touch, we will be delighted to hear from you.