Importance of the right packaging

The Critical Importance of Product Packaging

How effective product packaging can help your products to sell successfully

Everyone is familiar with supermarket and online shopping. And there are effectively two forms of shopping that we do. The necessities or must haves, and the want to haves – that is the shopping that most people enjoy, usually for luxuries. However, one common denominator connecting both of these activities is the impact that the product packaging and design has on the buyers initial purchase decision. Capturing the buyers attention is essential if any progress towards a sale is going to happen.

The psychology behind a purchase decision

Think of the psychology of buyers for one minute. Regardless of if a buyer is purchasing baked beans or luxury products, the product packaging has a huge influence on their decision to

a. Initially select that product to inspect
b. To make that purchase.

Baked beans are baked beans, and we are all familiar with the most famous brands. But the product packaging of new competitors can suggest some really good meal ideas that may make the buyer consider another variety, assuming the packaging looks enticing.

Luxury products take this psychology to a whole new level, with lifestyle suggestions being a key part of the package design, making the buyer feel good about ‘what’s in the box’ and what it will do for them. Think of home slimming supplements or exercise equipment, more often than not showing a toned and healthy young lady demonstrating the product. Who doesn’t want to look like that? Into the shopping basket it goes!

Ultragraph – experts in product package design

Ultragraph has many years of experience in product design. We know what works with buyers and we know what doesn’t work. This has the huge advantage of saving our clients time and money having to find out themselves which product designs and packaging will complement their products most effectively and help them to sell.

Get in touch with Ultragraph today. Leading experts in product design, we will be delighted to hear about your requirements however large or small.