Packaging – what to remember

Product Packaging – Remember Functionality

Product packaging is not all just about design. For sure it is essential to make sure that the product package is attractive and has all of the required sales and legal information that may be necessary. But once the product has been bought and is in use by the consumer, then the functionality of the package also needs careful consideration.

Some key elements to remember here include the following:

Build functionality into the packaging if this is a requirement of product use. Example, a milk carton needs to be able to be poured easily and also needs to be comfortable to handle.
Consider the storage of the products within their packaging. Do they need to be sealed and re-opened again for future use? If they are to be stored in a fridge are they the correct height for domestic fridges? And can a few products be easily stored together for maximum use of space?
Storage and transportation of the products. If multiple products are bought simultaneously then does the product packaging make for easy transportation and storage together?
Consider the potential reusability of product packaging. Jars, bottles and cartons can often have an extended life cycle if this is manufactured into the product packaging initially.

Product Security and Protection

There are some products that require security access to prevent children mis using the products inside. And of course the packaging should be robust enough not to just protect the product in transit but also to ensure that the packaging remains intact throughout the life cycle of the product within.

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