Guide To Packaging

What’s in the Box? – Essential Guide to Packaging

The psychology of product packaging is fascinating and the look, feel and design are essential elements of the ultimate success of the products retail performance. Shoppers are usually relatively loyal when buying their fast-moving consumables such as food and monthly household items. They know which supermarket shelves to head for, and instantly recognise their favourite brand. Breaking into this incredibly established market can be challenging to say the least. However, one of the most powerful weapons available in the marketeers’ armoury is the packaging itself.

Your product may out-perform rivals in specification, taste, style or price, but getting these messages across in just seconds is one of the greatest challenges of effective package design. Simply shouting out the cheapest price is not always a route to high volume sales. This is where Ultragraph, with over 45 years of product packaging design and manufacture can offer invaluable help and expertise.

Packaging design – be radical or stay with what works?

Radical or conservative? This is a key question that has occupied the minds of most people launching or relaunching a product into the market. To stay with what works for competitors, or to take a more radical approach to try to generate new interest?

The radical approach can include package shape, style and colours in an attempt to attract new interest. But this should never be at the expense of a clear and concise product description. Images work very well in many instances, and product packaging that reflects lifestyle choices often has a strong and positive psychological effect on buyers. This can take the form of attractive plates of food to sell a frozen vegetable, or a hillside summer scene to suggest health and fitness. As long as clear descriptions of essential product information are also displayed on the packaging, these can be highly effective messages.

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