Eco Packaging

Product Packaging and Eco Considerations

It is a fact that many people’s buying decisions are heavily influenced by eco related issues. Often with the product itself, but more and more people are looking at the use of plastic packaging and are going to great lengths to minimise the impact of plastics on the environment. There are many product manufacturers that have a genuine interest and care in the environment and manufacture their products and packaging accordingly. There are also opportunities for forward thinking companies to adopt a more green approach to their product packaging, knowing that this will influence many buyers purchase decisions.

Where to start with sustainable packaging

It’s not essential, or even realistic to be able to completely re-design your product packaging to be 100% eco-friendly. Manufacturing processes are as much a part of eco packaging as the materials used. However, there are some considerations that will allow product packages to be considered more eco-friendly than others and this will give a higher chance of sales in many markets.

Plastics are, of course very high on most people agenda and minimising plastic use or, better still finding alternatives will strike an agreeable chord with many buyers. Plan the package design also to reflect a more eco-friendly approach, with light green and yellow colours if appropriate to the product. In these rapidly changing times, every single competitive advantage has to be utilised to remain competitive or to gain a competitive edge.

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