Creative Packaging

What is Creative Packaging?

Creative packaging is an art and a science that creates a packaging that really stands out from the crowd. Covering a number of requirements from storage, product protection, warehousing, transport and end user purchase, creative product packaging can help a product to sell successfully.

Packaging generally comes in the form or bags, boxes or cartons /drums. Creative packaging involves some innovation that makes the product easier to use – for example with some fast foods the packaging contains a small fork or spoon, to packaging that has an innovation, such as being made from recycled paper or cardboard, giving the product a greener eco feel and appearance.

Creative packaging ideas also include innovative shapes that may complement the product and make it easier to actually use, or may include a possible re-use for the packaging itself, perhaps as waste storage. Once designers and engineers start to really think about creative packaging then the end result can often be as much fun and use as the product itself. Style and functionality can take on a whole new meaning with some forms of creative packaging and this principle is often used with children’s toys and novelties. The pack itself can become an actual part of a game that interacts with the product.

Creative food packaging often includes useful recipes that the product itself can be used in. Think of a bag of flour for example. Perhaps not the most exciting or stimulating of products in itself, but warm sausage rolls or apple pie recipes and pictures will soon get the imagination – and taste buds flowing.

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