Cost Effective Product Packaging

Product Packaging – Cost V. Effectiveness

With the majority of any new product launch’s budget having already being allocated to research, product development and manufacture, the packaging itself is often almost an afterthought. However, getting the packaging ‘right’ is an essential element that will contribute to the success or otherwise of the product being sold. There are a number of key things to consider here and product packaging specialist Ultragraph has over 45 years of experience that will really help you to get this right.

A staggering statistic that outlines the critical importance of product packaging is that a typical supermarket shopper passes over 600 products per minute when walking through supermarket aisles. Competition? – just a little. The convers of this is that most e-commerce websites show the product only, as they have the buyers attention and are able to supply much more information on a website that on a small carton or box. In these instances the packaging itself does not hold the same importance as in a physical retail environment.

Packaging costs – when less can be more

Consider one of the most successful global companies and their packaging choice. Apple products come in the most stylish and classy packaging, with product image emphasis above everything else. Product package design with Apple products holds as much importance as what is ‘in the box’. Most people see these packages as a thing of beauty and resale of Apple products are enhanced in the second hand market when the original packaging is still available. But remember also that this almost cult status was hard won over many years of excellent products.

So carefully consider not just your target market but equally importantly the sales environment where your products will be vying for attention. There are times when less is more and let the product itself do the talking.

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