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Choosing a packaging supplier in Blackpool should be relatively straight forward if you know what is important to look for in a packing manufacturer and supplier in Blackpool. Needless to say many people will expect the price of the packaging to be an essential consideration. We at Ultragraph agree, the price of your packaging and cartons, as well as the graphic design and print on your packages is very important. But there are a number of other key things to look out for when you select your packaging supplier in Blackpool.

Our experience means a lot in the packaging industry. We have been around for over 45 years and there is not much that we haven’t seen or done in this industry. Evolution in both package design and manufacture have enabled us to innovate exciting new ways to protect and present products. Needless to say this has the desired effect of increased sell through on websites or from shop shelves.

  • We are a one stop print and packaging specialists in Blackpool
  • We have an in house package and carton  design team that delivers high quality packaging graphics as well as presentation
  • We have over 45 years of carton, print, blister pack and package design and manufacture and supply in Blackpool
  • We offer long or short run packaging specialists in Blackpool and the North West
  • We guarantee competitive prices and a very fast turnaround service if this is necessary
  • Ultragraph packaging for all your product packaging requirements


The importance of choosing an experienced Blackpool packaging supplier you can trust us at Ultragraph

Product package design plays such a critical role in the successful selling of any product that when you choose a packaging manufacturer and supplier in Blackpool you need to ensure that they have the necessary skills and experience that means that they can share their knowledge with you. We at Ultragraph know what has worked before and this is a great starting point that may well save you time and money on packaging development costs. But having a cutting edge packaging design team that understands both the basics as well as the importance of innovation, and being able to blend the two gives us a huge advantage in the Blackpool packaging manufacturer and supplier arena.

Cartons, envelopes for lower priced products, complex packaging for complex product presentation and protection are all areas where Ultragraph lead the field. Efficiency of packaging manufacturing as well as storage of your packaging or cartons, before and after the product itself are all key areas of consideration for us.


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