Animal Products Packaging Print

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Animal Products Packaging Print and Design

Products for animals need to be packaged in a way that appeals to pet owners. Depending on the product, businesses may want to use images of animals for the sake of clarity and to establish a particular tone, or they may prefer to use cartoon style motifs and lettering. At Ultragraph, we take the time to discuss your needs in detail so that we fully understand the message you are trying present within your packaging.

Pet Food

Pet food products are usually packaged in cardboard or paper containers. Cans and bottles also feature printed paper labels that need to be vibrant, clear and engaging. Whether you need large cardboard boxes for multipacks of cat or dog food or printed heavy paper bags for larger quantities of animal feed, Ultragraph can produce printed packaging that reflects your products accurately and in the most positive way possible.

What we feed our pets matters and animal lovers care about ingredients. We ensure that all essential nutritional information, plus any allergy or other key information is included prominently and clearly.

Toys and Accessories

Dog and cat toys can be great fun for both the pet and the owner, so the packaging must reflect this. We understand how to present products in a way that demonstrates their best features and all our printed card and paper packages are finished to a professional standard. Using high definition photographs, creative graphics and lettering styles that reflect the overall tone of your brand, Ultragraph ensure that your packaging reflects the quality of your product.


Like health products and medicines for people, animal medicine packaging must be clear and free any false claims. Boxes for things like worming tablets, ear medicine or specially medicated food generally feature logos and high-quality images, along with a clear explanation of how they can be used.

Grooming Equipment

Brushes, combs, sponges and other grooming equipment can be packaged in boxes, either as single items or as gift style box sets. Ultragraph have the capacity to create quality packaging materials for pet grooming equipment of all shapes and sizes, including striking and unique designs that will attract the attention of pet owners and breeders for all the right reasons.

Treats and Snacks

Just like people, pets don’t just enjoy eating at mealtimes. Dog and cat treat packaging can range from simple product photographs to playful, cartoonish designs. Our team of specialists will discuss your needs to ensure the style on your packaging fits with the overall ethos of your brand. We can provide any size of carboard or paper packaging for dog and cat treats, including multipacks and single servings.

Ultragraph can provide cardboard packaging for animal products of all types, whether you manufacture medicine, food or accessories, our team will be able to create a print and design solution that reflects the very best aspects of your individ